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GPS vehicle trackers are an invaluable tool for monitoring either a single car or an entire fleet of vehicles. A real-time car tracking device gives you up-to-the-minute speed and location updates, including text or email alerts based on parameters you set in advance. If you're wondering if your driver has gone off course or if your employee has been speeding, these vehicle tracking devices give you the answers you need. Detailed reports tell you exactly where a vehicle has been, where it's headed and how fast it's traveling.
Vehicle tracking isn`t all we do. Have you ever had a laptop, hard drive or other valuable electrics walk out the door? We offer a variety of ways to alert you when a device leaves the building such as alarms, text or email alerts, or access control tagging when a person leaves the building. Reduce the risk of losing vital equipment to theft!

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  • Burglary & Fire

    Burglary & Fire

    Indiana Alarm offers 24/7/365 monitoring for all critical conditions such as Burglary, Fire, Temperature, Flood & Much more.

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  • Video Surveillance

    Video Surveillance

    Keep an eye on your business from almost anywhere using your tablet, smart phone or computer. HD video systems are now affordable. Click to learn more.

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    Access Control

    Control access to your business. Never worry about whose just walking in the door. Our responsive and integratable systems are easy to use and full of unique features.

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